Volume VI, Network Intelligence Studies
Issue 12
Sefora Marcela NEMTEANU, Teodora Mihaela TARCZA

Volunteering for a social cause is a leisure activity that gains more and more interest in the last years in Romania. Most social non-profit organizations involve volunteers in activities of short-term which they cannot pay. The lack of monetary rewards makes room for the need for internal marketing procedures such as: communicating a vision that would attract volunteers, instruction for the people involved and a performance-based rewarding system. Internal marketing procedures are poorly adopted in Romanian non-profit sector. A philosophy, strategies, and tactics of internal marketing could offer suitable solutions for non-profit organizations managers in maintaining volunteers, impacting positively volunteer's satisfaction and organizational commitment according to previous studies. This research analyses the measure that internal marketing procedures are adopted in Romanian non-profit sector. A questionnaire was applied to a sample of 300 volunteers from 144 social non-profit organizations. The results show that the performance-based rewarding systems were the most poorly adapted.

  • Type: Case Study
  • Published on: 30th August, 2018
  • Keywords: Internal marketing, Non-profit organization, Volunteer's satisfaction, Organizational commitment, Performance-based rewarding system
  • Pages: 77-83
  • Received: 2nd August, 2018
  • Final revision and acceptance: 3rd September 2018